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Making laundry sexy!

Recently, a dear client of ours entrusted me with creative freedom, and a decent budget to launch a large advertising campaign. If there is something that makes my creative juices flow – it’s marketing. This stuff really floats my boat.

The client: Ainslie Laundrette
The brief: Raise awareness of the brand and services. Do it with some fun, cheek and a good dose of quirkiness.
The challenge: A non-sexy business servicing a domestic main street everyday need.
The outcome: A series of advertisements to be launched across Action buses depicting a pin-up 50’s style model and some tongue-in-cheek slogans.

This was a team effort involving my client – Jennifer Lanspeary who supplied props and most of the slogans, a fantastic model – Miss Kitty Coco, creative photographer – Andrew Sikorski, fabulous designer – Jess Lenehan, the team at Go Transit and me as art director and ideas girl.

2220 Ainslie Laundrette Banner-1-DirtyDonnas


The Ainslie Laundrette advertising campaign included a series of six bus advertisements that are designed to create awareness and recognition of the Ainslie Laundrette brand. The bus ads focused around “Miss Daisy” and the services Ainslie Laundrette offers including but not limited to leather care, ironing, tailoring, doona cleaning… the list goes on.

The 1950’s pin-up style and cheeky slogans create fun and captivating ads that appeal to a broad audience. Keep your eyes peeled for these advertisments that will be popping up on the back of Action buses.

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Featured Client: Sassafras Wines

Sassafras Wines came to us in 2014 to develop their business identity with the goal of producing a classic, yet unique local wine brand. Sassafras Wines is a Canberra-based producer of ancestral method sparkling wine (as well as some table wines from Italian grape varieties).

Inspired by the print technique of linocutting, we designed a logo using the shape of a Sassafras leaf. In addition, we developed a colour palette to suit each individual variety of wine. The labels were designed to be clean and elegant, ensuring they stood out against noisy competition on the cellar shelf.

Their first release is an ancestral method sparkling wine made from Gamay grapes grown at Tumbarumba. It is available for purchase here.

“The name ‘Sassafras’ comes from Australia’s two native species of Sassafras tree: Doryphora sassafras and the Southern Sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum). Purchasing a Sassafras wine helps us donate to Bush Heritage Australia for their practical work in habitat conservation.”

Visit | www.sassafraswines.com.au

Photograph | Rebecca Doyle Photography


A new year

It seems that everyone I speak to lately is experiencing BIG changes. From a new job, moving house to starting a business, I think 2015 is the year of change!

The Papercut team are changing too. Susannah will leave to have her baby in March, and we’ll be looking to hire another designer. We’ve designed a new Papercut website which is in development stage now – and we cant wait to show you.

We began the year by cleaning out the cupboards of old samples and spring cleaning the Papercut house. I believe in the power of clearing old energy to make way for the new. It’s our desire to attract new clients this year, clients for whom we can create beautiful design and share in their success.

We wish you every success for 2015 and hope that we can be of service to you in this year of community, collaboration and change.

Best wishes,
Claire and the team

Featured Client

Featured Client – Capital Region Farmers Market

Late last year we designed the Canberra Capital Region Farmers Market recipe book. As part of their tenth birthday celebrations the recipe book was released.

The book is all about sharing the stories and recipes of the people and produce who make the Markets. There are plenty of delicious recipes for starters, soups, salads, sides, mains, cakes, biscuits, desserts and more.

Fresh, local food ideas – we love that!

The book design feautred custom illustrations, a clean layout and beautiful photography that resulted in a polished and professional publication.



papercut-work-farmers-market-recipe-book-3 papercut-work-farmers-market-recipe-book-4 papercut-work-farmers-market-recipe-book-6


Looking back at 2014

Looking back over the year here is a list of happenings in the Papercut house.

January | We released our 2014 Crystallography Calendar

February | We launched our sustainable ‘Green Tick’

March | We sponsored the design of the Fashion Treasure Hunt for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance

April | We launched the Eggstraspecial Easter Pack

May | Jess started full time at Papercut

June | We sent clients our popular Annual Report Guide

July | Suzie announced her baby bump!

August | Carlea started at Papercut as Client Manager

September | Claire resigned as President at the Canberra Women in Business (CWB) AGM

October | We designed, typeset and produced 12 Annual Reports

November | We celebrated our 7th Birthday

December | We redesigned our website for a new year launch, stay tuned!

Onwards and upwards in 2015!

Graphic Design

To template or not to template… that is the question.

Of late I’ve been quoting to provide clients with design templates set up in Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign. This is not our preference because of course we would rather provide our clients with a finished product designed in our Adobe software.
The ironic part of this is that our dear clients then require training to use the Adobe templates? These programs are the tools of our profession and for most of us it has taken a degree of 4 years to learn how to use them.

We love what we do and we’ve earned the right to design. Please have a little respect for graphic design as a profession and us as the professionals. Word is not a design program for more reasons than will fit in this blog and InDesign cannot be taught in two hours. Allow us the pleasure of serving you with our design skill and finished products that won’t fail you – we promise you won’t be disappointed.