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Featured Client: Lesley Wallington

Last month we designed and launched a website for Lesley Wallington, a local Canberra artist and tutor. Lesley works in watercolour, pencil, ink, gouache and collage and has collected a series of awards for her unique paintings. Check out her amazing, detailed and delicate artworks here on the website.

The website design is classic and clean in order to focus on Lesley’s artworks as the hero elements.


Lesley Wallington-Silvereye

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Making time for creativity

When I started Papercut I imagined I would always be designing for my clients. Nearly eight years later, my role as director has grown in responsibility and business skills yet not so much in design. These days I’m off the tools and in some regard not as confident to be back on them.

Last year I decided that in order to feed my creative juices I needed to give myself some time and space to do so. I booked into an art class at the ANU Art school on Mondays, and it’s there that I lose myself in watercolour and gouache and feel creative again.

My art teacher is a talented lady for whom we have just completed a website (www.lesleywallington.com.au) Her work is detailed and layered and inspiring.

As a business owner and creative person the best decision I made was to go back to my art and feed my passion. This important time out from the business allows me to maintain my energy the rest of the week, and bring renewed ideas to Papercut.

Here are a few of my artworks.




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Recipes of reminisce

My eldest daughter moved out of home last year, and for the first time she started to get interested in cooking. Her request for a particular recipe of her (recently passed) Grandma’s sprouted a creative idea in me.

My children have grown up with their Grandma as a major part of their lives; from the time they were born she fed them, and the last 10 years she resided with us and continued to nourish us with her cooking and her love.

I decided that a recipe book was in order – a collation of her most favoured recipes, things my girls always loved and remembered from childhood.

Much scanning and sifting through her books, typesetting her words and categorising her recipes occurred for many hours in my spare time in the lead up to Christmas.

Included in the book is artwork created by Grandma, yes she was a woman of many talents. Selecting the artwork from her large collection also gave me much joy.

photo 2photo 1What resulted from this inspiration was a 60 page recipe book containing five categories, printed, bound and wrapped up under the Christmas tree for two unsuspecting young ladies. Their reaction on opening this gift was pure priceless gold, and worth the time it took to produce.

This story is not just about a creative idea, it’s about preserving our family treasures and memories in a format that can be shared and handed down. It’s also about preserving the family tradition of sharing a meal around a table devoid of electronic devices and distractions, filled with conversations and debates over nourishing food.

This year, I wish for you connection and creative discussion shared over meals prepared with love, and being present with the people you are with in the moment.


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A ceiling full of wishes

During my recent American travels I stayed in a beautiful out-of-the-way place called ‘Bend’. Bend is located near the centre of Oregon at the foot of the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains. Bend was developed around the bend of the river in 1905 – hence the name. It is noted for its scenic setting, mild climate, year-round recreational opportunities and growing economy.

I loved the town centre and the architecture. But what I wanted to share here was the creative inspiration I found in Thump Coffee shop. This intimate space intrigued me with the hundreds of timber tiles hanging from the ceiling. When I inquired about the meaning of the tiles, I was told that it began as an artists installation a couple of years ago, and it was so loved that it remained as an ever changing ceiling of customers wishes.

The coffee shop supplies blank balsa wood tiles and coloured textas on the counter free for anyone who wants to create a wish. Of course I didn’t need much encouragement and I took to the blank tile with great gusto drawing away like a 5 year old. Apparently the shop owners revolve the tiles so that all the wishes get a chance for display, and the installation is always changing.

I loved the whole concept of merging art with coffee and allowing people the freedom to participate in the installation. I hope my wish is suspended from the ceiling of Thump’s as a tiny creative mark I left behind in the USA.

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