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Making laundry sexy!

Recently, a dear client of ours entrusted me with creative freedom, and a decent budget to launch a large advertising campaign. If there is something that makes my creative juices flow – it’s marketing. This stuff really floats my boat.

The client: Ainslie Laundrette
The brief: Raise awareness of the brand and services. Do it with some fun, cheek and a good dose of quirkiness.
The challenge: A non-sexy business servicing a domestic main street everyday need.
The outcome: A series of advertisements to be launched across Action buses depicting a pin-up 50’s style model and some tongue-in-cheek slogans.

This was a team effort involving my client – Jennifer Lanspeary who supplied props and most of the slogans, a fantastic model – Miss Kitty Coco, creative photographer – Andrew Sikorski, fabulous designer – Jess Lenehan, the team at Go Transit and me as art director and ideas girl.

2220 Ainslie Laundrette Banner-1-DirtyDonnas


The Ainslie Laundrette advertising campaign included a series of six bus advertisements that are designed to create awareness and recognition of the Ainslie Laundrette brand. The bus ads focused around “Miss Daisy” and the services Ainslie Laundrette offers including but not limited to leather care, ironing, tailoring, doona cleaning… the list goes on.

The 1950’s pin-up style and cheeky slogans create fun and captivating ads that appeal to a broad audience. Keep your eyes peeled for these advertisments that will be popping up on the back of Action buses.

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What does your business card say about you?

At a recent networking event I exchanged business cards and instantly I noticed several things about the business card I received:

1.     It was printed on very flimsy card stock
2.     The printing was poor and blurry
3.     The layout was cumbersome
4.     There was no phone number
5.     It reeked of cheap home printing.

Ironically this persons business is about branding? Ok, so call me a business card snob, but seriously if your business is about branding wouldn’t you at least lash out and have your business cards printed professionally? For the small sum of $55 you can have 250 business cards printed and feel proud to hand them out. This poor excuse for a business card left me with a lasting impression of the person, and very little confidence in their ability to manage my branding if they couldn’t manage their own.

The next business card I was given was also a home job with an appalling choice of font that I could not read. If your clients can’t read the phone number on your business card do you think they will bother to call you? Your business card is a mini marketing tool that needs to be succinct and attractive with a quality finish if you are to be taken seriously.

There are some very simple tips that apply to business cards in general:

1.     Keep it simple
2.     Make sure the font is legible
3.     Type should be at least 6 point
4.     Keep colour to a minimum
5.     List all your contact details
6.     Print on quality stock
7.     Pay a designer to do what they do best, and do your business a favour.

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What’s more important? Design or copy?

Excellent design and relevant content means effective branding

Both. If you consider that colour and design activate your right brain (all the emotional bits) and words stimulate your left brain (the sensible and logical parts), then both design and copy are vital to any branding.

Think about a great advertisement. Remove the headline and any text. Not so good now, is it? What about your favourite website? Remove the colour, banner and images. Yeuk! The words fall flat and you will soon stop visiting this site.

All good designs need balance. They need attention-grabbing graphics, beautiful colours and exceptional artwork. They also need sharp and concise wording to complement the design. By combining both beautiful design and punchy copy, you attract attention, reinforce recognition and build a lasting and professional impact.

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What is Branding?

Branding is your corporate personality.

canberra graphic design

What is your corporate personality?

It’s not your product, your logo or your business card. Your brand is what your customers will remember long after buying your product.

Before you even start to thinking about advertising your business, you need to plan your branding strategy. Sound complex? It can be as simple as you like. Some of the outcomes that a successful brand achieves are:

  • Gets your message across clearly
  • Assures credibility
  • Promotes consistent recognition and identification
  • Motivates your customer
  • Creates emotional ties with your customer

Successful marketing and advertising means a concise and strategic branding plan. If your corporate personality is simply “be the cheapest” – then that’s what your branding must reflect. A strong branding strategy can be just what your company needs to push it to its fullest potential.

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Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Your Graphic Designer Will Provide Ideas For Advertising

Clients are often reluctant to experiment with their advertising, and as a result miss a huge opportunity to discover new, or inspire existing, customers to buy their services.

Your graphic designer can help you “think outside the square” and complement any ideas you may have. Ask your graphic designer what THEY think your call-to-action or offer should be. Offers can include free trials, first one free, bonus offers or buy now, pay later plans.

Business owners may have a set idea about how they want their website or brochures to look, and the offers that need to be included. Years of training and experience means that your graphic designer can lift these ideas into a creative reality and portray your business in the best possible way.

Be open to new ideas – they may surprise you!