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Graphic Design, Inspiration, Papercut

Making time for creativity

When I started Papercut I imagined I would always be designing for my clients. Nearly eight years later, my role as director has grown in responsibility and business skills yet not so much in design. These days I’m off the tools and in some regard not as confident to be back on them.

Last year I decided that in order to feed my creative juices I needed to give myself some time and space to do so. I booked into an art class at the ANU Art school on Mondays, and it’s there that I lose myself in watercolour and gouache and feel creative again.

My art teacher is a talented lady for whom we have just completed a website ( Her work is detailed and layered and inspiring.

As a business owner and creative person the best decision I made was to go back to my art and feed my passion. This important time out from the business allows me to maintain my energy the rest of the week, and bring renewed ideas to Papercut.

Here are a few of my artworks.




Graphic Design, Inspiration

Inspiration to grow herbs in apartments


Herbs are very useful to have on hand but can become costly when you start buying numerous bunches from the supermarket. Growing your own herbs can be very rewarding not to mention self sufficient and economical. But how do you grow them successfully if you live in a unit or apartment with only balcony or small courtyard? This got me thinking and researching…

I created a Pinterest board and ended up finding many interesting ideas for growing herbs in confined spaces. Ideas included recycling old tin cans and jars, growing herbs out of recycled pallets and wooden boxes and so on. Have a peek here:


Graphic Design, Inspiration, Papercut

Jessie Breakwell

BettyI discovered Melbourne artist Jessie Breakwell about 18 months ago when I saw her work hanging in the window of a gallery in Wagga Wagga. I instantly fell in love. Jessie’s work is wild and wacky and is inspired by artists including Brett Whiteley and Henri Matisse. Jessie creates most of her vibrant and eccentric work by adopting mixed media techniques. She has also been known to combine three-dimensional materials into her work such as twigs, mirror fragments, feathers and sequins to create her unique pieces.

After researching Jessie’s portfolio, I couldn’t resist sharing her work with my mother. Later that year I excitedly received “Betty” the owl for Christmas (pictured left); she is now adorning a wall in my bedroom.

Her work and quirky style have been the source of some great inspiration for me, especially her bold and eccentric colour palette. Who can resist those neons and vivid tones to brighten up their day?

Check out more of her amazing work here

Elephant pink owlwindow-300x450


A ceiling full of wishes

During my recent American travels I stayed in a beautiful out-of-the-way place called ‘Bend’. Bend is located near the centre of Oregon at the foot of the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains. Bend was developed around the bend of the river in 1905 – hence the name. It is noted for its scenic setting, mild climate, year-round recreational opportunities and growing economy.

I loved the town centre and the architecture. But what I wanted to share here was the creative inspiration I found in Thump Coffee shop. This intimate space intrigued me with the hundreds of timber tiles hanging from the ceiling. When I inquired about the meaning of the tiles, I was told that it began as an artists installation a couple of years ago, and it was so loved that it remained as an ever changing ceiling of customers wishes.

The coffee shop supplies blank balsa wood tiles and coloured textas on the counter free for anyone who wants to create a wish. Of course I didn’t need much encouragement and I took to the blank tile with great gusto drawing away like a 5 year old. Apparently the shop owners revolve the tiles so that all the wishes get a chance for display, and the installation is always changing.

I loved the whole concept of merging art with coffee and allowing people the freedom to participate in the installation. I hope my wish is suspended from the ceiling of Thump’s as a tiny creative mark I left behind in the USA.

IMG_4657 IMG_4705 IMG_4708 IMG_4709


Just for today…

I will let go of anger,
I will let go of worry,
I will count my blessings,
I will do my work honestly
I will be kind to every living creature.

Dr Mikao Usui


This is my takeaway from a weekend spent in the Kangaroo valley with my husband at a yoga retreat run by Simplicity Retreats. We arrived on Friday night in the dark after the mad belt from work to home to pack the car and drive for two hours, I admit I was feeling anxious about meeting a group of strangers and having to socialise over dinner. All my fears and doubts disappeared when we were met by PJ – the retreat organiser and we were introduced to the most delightful group of people whom we’d be sharing the weekend with.

The retreat was held at Avrajita nestled in the hills of Kangaroo Valley with only the sound of the kookaburras and cows to interrupt our thoughts. The main house contains the chef’s kitchen, large glass dining room overlooking the garden, huge lounge area with fireplace, corner couches, warm blankets and a room for massage. The bedrooms are separate cabins with ensuites, there is a large yoga room for practice and a yurt for meditation.

The food served was all vegetarian and gluten and dairy free. Sounds bland and boring doesn’t it? My husband and I joked about eating hippy mung beans all weekend, and how we’d cope without our evening glass of wine and morning coffee. Well we were pleasantly surprised to be served the most delicious chai tea and organic, whole, real food for breakfast, lunch and dinner that I have ever tasted. Angie our in-house chef prepared everything with such passion and art that it was a joy to be treated to her culinary skills.


So enough about the food, even though that was the highlight for me, I did have a slight headache from the lack of caffeine, it was worth knowing that I was de-toxing in the nicest possible way. The yoga was wonderful and I must tell you that my husband for the first time in his life participated in two yoga classes! He was amazed to learn about the benefits of yoga, how challenging it can be and how it connects to our deepest essence. It was great to share my love of yoga with him too.

This leads me to my questioning my complex life of late and my urge to simplify everything. After advising a dear friend of mine that she needed to de-clutter her home and let go of all the excess she was storing that wasn’t serving her, I realised that I actually need to heed my own advice and do the same. Not so much my cupboards but my commitments and the excess non-core business ideas I tend to fill every spare moment with. After my yoga retreat I have restored my belief that I can choose what I say yes to, what I decline and what things I surround myself with and how I spend my time. At the moment I want the very simple things in life, like growing some vegetables, cooking healthy food, being at home, and allowing myself space that is not filled with anything in particular.

Arriving home on Sunday afternoon to the washing not done and the empty fridge would normally stress me out, but I felt so relaxed that my attitude was ‘who cares’? I’ve just given myself a lovely gift, the rest can wait.




Comics as art

I’d never read a comic book or graphic novel (or whatever the correct term is) until recently.
The TV series ‘The Walking Dead’ is my second favourite show (after Breaking Bad). I’ve watched all the episodes (more than once), played the game, but still hadn’t gone back to where it all began – the comics. So I’ve recently started reading them, well looking at them I guess you would say, and they’re a work of art in themselves.
I love the watercolour shading and rough edges that surround each frame and the way the page layout and image cropping changes with the action. Some of the full page illustrations could easily be framed and put on the wall. It’s amazing the time and detail that has gone into the graphics, I was very impressed. Wish I could illustrate like that!

By Susannah

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