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Featured Client: Lesley Wallington

Last month we designed and launched a website for Lesley Wallington, a local Canberra artist and tutor. Lesley works in watercolour, pencil, ink, gouache and collage and has collected a series of awards for her unique paintings. Check out her amazing, detailed and delicate artworks here on the website.

The website design is classic and clean in order to focus on Lesley’s artworks as the hero elements.


Lesley Wallington-Silvereye

Visit | Lesley Wallington

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Sex, Drugs & Helvetica design conference

At the beginning of the month Jess travelled up to sunny Brisbane to attend the annual SD & Helvetica design conference. It was a day jam packed with inspiring projects and speakers who had travelled from far and wide to deliver talks on cool projects they had played a major part in.

A highlight of the day was London based creative director James Greenfield, who led the re-branding of worldwide tech giant Airbnb (see a slide of the presentation below). It was awesome to see how a fun yet simple approach led to such a well rounded brand solution. It was also interesting to note that on the day of the launch the rebrand was the worldwide top trending topic on Twitter for ten hours – it definitely made a big impact!


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Turning your words into money

Do you have expert tips, coaching strategies, a how to guide or even your own success story that you want to share? Well now is the time to blow the dust off those words and let us help you create leads with your new eBook!

Papercut have teamed up with Writing Words to package up an eBook offering like no other.
You will receive:

– one 45 minute content strategy session with two industry experts
– authentic copy writing of up to 12 pages
– professional graphic design in your brand style, and
– eBook creation (PDF)
– Two week turnaround
$997 + gst

This package is on offer until October 30th and numbers are limited to 7 only!

Book now info@papercut.net.au | 6162 4045

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Making time for creativity

When I started Papercut I imagined I would always be designing for my clients. Nearly eight years later, my role as director has grown in responsibility and business skills yet not so much in design. These days I’m off the tools and in some regard not as confident to be back on them.

Last year I decided that in order to feed my creative juices I needed to give myself some time and space to do so. I booked into an art class at the ANU Art school on Mondays, and it’s there that I lose myself in watercolour and gouache and feel creative again.

My art teacher is a talented lady for whom we have just completed a website (www.lesleywallington.com.au) Her work is detailed and layered and inspiring.

As a business owner and creative person the best decision I made was to go back to my art and feed my passion. This important time out from the business allows me to maintain my energy the rest of the week, and bring renewed ideas to Papercut.

Here are a few of my artworks.




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Four essential elements of a good design brief

A design brief should primarily focus on the results and outcomes of the design and the business objectives of the design project. Most designers will have a briefing template for this purpose, however here are 4 important elements every brief should ask.

1. What are the objectives of the design?
Understanding your goal is important in achieving the right result. Communicating the end game to your designer is critical for the design process. Know what your goal is and communicate that in the brief as best you can.

2. Who is your target audience?
You need to know who you are trying to appeal to, and trust me it’s not everyone. Narrow down your target market and you will have better reach. If you’re not sure of your market then define your ideal client and design for them specifically.

3. What is your budget?
Disclosing your budget at the onset can save time and work for both parties. It also means that services can be tailored to meet the budget. Every brief needs a budget.

4. What is the timeframe?
The schedule is almost as important as the budget. Good creative design takes time, and rushed design creates panic and generally costs more money. The more notice you can give a designer the better the result.

Having a meeting with a designer will tease out the answers to these questions and other questions that will inform the brief. We have developed some templates to aid this process. Please download here and then give us a call to set up a meeting, we’d love to design for you.

Download | Brief Forms

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Making laundry sexy!

Recently, a dear client of ours entrusted me with creative freedom, and a decent budget to launch a large advertising campaign. If there is something that makes my creative juices flow – it’s marketing. This stuff really floats my boat.

The client: Ainslie Laundrette
The brief: Raise awareness of the brand and services. Do it with some fun, cheek and a good dose of quirkiness.
The challenge: A non-sexy business servicing a domestic main street everyday need.
The outcome: A series of advertisements to be launched across Action buses depicting a pin-up 50’s style model and some tongue-in-cheek slogans.

This was a team effort involving my client – Jennifer Lanspeary who supplied props and most of the slogans, a fantastic model – Miss Kitty Coco, creative photographer – Andrew Sikorski, fabulous designer – Jess Lenehan, the team at Go Transit and me as art director and ideas girl.

2220 Ainslie Laundrette Banner-1-DirtyDonnas


The Ainslie Laundrette advertising campaign included a series of six bus advertisements that are designed to create awareness and recognition of the Ainslie Laundrette brand. The bus ads focused around “Miss Daisy” and the services Ainslie Laundrette offers including but not limited to leather care, ironing, tailoring, doona cleaning… the list goes on.

The 1950’s pin-up style and cheeky slogans create fun and captivating ads that appeal to a broad audience. Keep your eyes peeled for these advertisments that will be popping up on the back of Action buses.

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Featured Client: Fidens Arbor

Fidens Arbor is a small consulting company specialising in business analysis, project management and change management. Fidens Arbor came to Papercut looking for a brand identity that communicated their values and point of difference as a company.

Fidens Arbor roughly translates to courageous or without fear (Fidens) and  Tree (Arbor). This encapsulates the philosophy of the company to grow strong, but in a sustainable manner that gives back for everything it takes. We reflected this idea through the use of vibrant colour and form to represent growth, innovation and sustainability.