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Featured Client: Lesley Wallington

Last month we designed and launched a website for Lesley Wallington, a local Canberra artist and tutor. Lesley works in watercolour, pencil, ink, gouache and collage and has collected a series of awards for her unique paintings. Check out her amazing, detailed and delicate artworks here on the website.

The website design is classic and clean in order to focus on Lesley’s artworks as the hero elements.


Lesley Wallington-Silvereye

Visit | Lesley Wallington

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Featured client: FECCA

Recently we launched a brand new website for the Federation of Ethnic Commmunities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA). Along with the website, we also gave their existing brand a much needed freshen up, developed an e-newsletter, style guide and various stationary.

The website is fully responsive for tablet and mobile devices. A comprehensive database and social media live feeds are amoung some of the bells and whistles the website entailes.

The new branding and website is vibrant, contemporary and professioanl while reflecting the organisations core values.

Visit | fecca.org.au

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Making laundry sexy!

Recently, a dear client of ours entrusted me with creative freedom, and a decent budget to launch a large advertising campaign. If there is something that makes my creative juices flow – it’s marketing. This stuff really floats my boat.

The client: Ainslie Laundrette
The brief: Raise awareness of the brand and services. Do it with some fun, cheek and a good dose of quirkiness.
The challenge: A non-sexy business servicing a domestic main street everyday need.
The outcome: A series of advertisements to be launched across Action buses depicting a pin-up 50’s style model and some tongue-in-cheek slogans.

This was a team effort involving my client – Jennifer Lanspeary who supplied props and most of the slogans, a fantastic model – Miss Kitty Coco, creative photographer – Andrew Sikorski, fabulous designer – Jess Lenehan, the team at Go Transit and me as art director and ideas girl.

2220 Ainslie Laundrette Banner-1-DirtyDonnas


The Ainslie Laundrette advertising campaign included a series of six bus advertisements that are designed to create awareness and recognition of the Ainslie Laundrette brand. The bus ads focused around “Miss Daisy” and the services Ainslie Laundrette offers including but not limited to leather care, ironing, tailoring, doona cleaning… the list goes on.

The 1950’s pin-up style and cheeky slogans create fun and captivating ads that appeal to a broad audience. Keep your eyes peeled for these advertisments that will be popping up on the back of Action buses.

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Featured Client: Fidens Arbor

Fidens Arbor is a small consulting company specialising in business analysis, project management and change management. Fidens Arbor came to Papercut looking for a brand identity that communicated their values and point of difference as a company.

Fidens Arbor roughly translates to courageous or without fear (Fidens) and  Tree (Arbor). This encapsulates the philosophy of the company to grow strong, but in a sustainable manner that gives back for everything it takes. We reflected this idea through the use of vibrant colour and form to represent growth, innovation and sustainability.


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Featured Client: Sassafras Wines

Sassafras Wines came to us in 2014 to develop their business identity with the goal of producing a classic, yet unique local wine brand. Sassafras Wines is a Canberra-based producer of ancestral method sparkling wine (as well as some table wines from Italian grape varieties).

Inspired by the print technique of linocutting, we designed a logo using the shape of a Sassafras leaf. In addition, we developed a colour palette to suit each individual variety of wine. The labels were designed to be clean and elegant, ensuring they stood out against noisy competition on the cellar shelf.

Their first release is an ancestral method sparkling wine made from Gamay grapes grown at Tumbarumba. It is available for purchase here.

“The name ‘Sassafras’ comes from Australia’s two native species of Sassafras tree: Doryphora sassafras and the Southern Sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum). Purchasing a Sassafras wine helps us donate to Bush Heritage Australia for their practical work in habitat conservation.”

Visit | www.sassafraswines.com.au

Photograph | Rebecca Doyle Photography

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Featured Client: The Royal Australian Mint

The Royal Australian Mint celebrate their 50th anniversary this year in conjunction with the opening of a new exhibition area. The Mint were after branding that reflected this new exhibit and shone a more exciting, youthful light on this veteran tourist attraction. We designed a brand along with exhibition graphics, signage and a brochure to compliment their new exhibit and 50th anniversary.


The new exhibit featured bright, primary colours, which we reflected in the new branding. To represent the journey of the coin, we created arrow graphics that lead into images surrounded by bold colourful strokes. The final solution is bold and inviting.




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Featured Client – Great Grandpa’s Cars Childrens Book

We had the pleasure at Papercut to design a childrens book – something that we don’t get to do too often!

Our client came to us with a beautiful story she had written about her father and his myriad of cars (plus a plane) for her grandson. She wanted to produce a professional book that would be loved and cherished and possibly published in the future.

Knowing how cherished this book would be, made this a memorable project to work on. We designed the graphics to be bright and appealing, with halftone dots adding a retro feel that reflected the old cars and family photos. The text was arranged to enhance the natural flow of the story and some of the more exciting lines were enlarged to make reading fun and interactive.