Graphic Design, Inspiration, Papercut

Jessie Breakwell

BettyI discovered Melbourne artist Jessie Breakwell about 18 months ago when I saw her work hanging in the window of a gallery in Wagga Wagga. I instantly fell in love. Jessie’s work is wild and wacky and is inspired by artists including Brett Whiteley and Henri Matisse. Jessie creates most of her vibrant and eccentric work by adopting mixed media techniques. She has also been known to combine three-dimensional materials into her work such as twigs, mirror fragments, feathers and sequins to create her unique pieces.

After researching Jessie’s portfolio, I couldn’t resist sharing her work with my mother. Later that year I excitedly received “Betty” the owl for Christmas (pictured left); she is now adorning a wall in my bedroom.

Her work and quirky style have been the source of some great inspiration for me, especially her bold and eccentric colour palette. Who can resist those neons and vivid tones to brighten up their day?

Check out more of her amazing work here

Elephant pink owlwindow-300x450


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