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Vintage Graphic Design

I came across this wonderful old ANSETT–ANA brochure in my Mum-in-Law’s belongings and thought I’d share. It’s about A4 in format and opens up to a map on the back showing the Ansett flight routes.

What I love is the simplicity and use of colour. I think the brochure dates back to the late 60’s given the style and print process. The combination of illustrations and photography is quite innovative and refreshing in form.

This brochure would have been created before there were computers for design. Graphic designers used scalpels, drawing boards, typesetting machines and darkrooms. Each element that belonged on the final page of the design concept was either illustrated or cut out from actual pictures.

Once the final design layout was placed correctly, large cameras were required to create negative film of the final design for the stripping process. Stripping is the process of arranging the film negatives into a pattern to create an order of pages. Each color requires it’s own negative when using a printing press. These processes are rarely done anymore, as they are too time consuming.

In our hasty world we design and print overnight to meet demanding deadlines. Oh, sometimes I wish for slower times when design was more appreciated, care was taken in creating and there was less room for error.

Ansett Brochure


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